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Colour Brochure Printing

Colour brochures are an ideal way to display your businesses services and products. Together with services like mail marketing we can help turn your colour brochures into new sales.

We are located in Winnipeg (430 Ross Avenue) which allow us to offer face to face customer service. This can give you the peace of mind knowing that a local printer with expertise in colour printing will ensure your order to be done right the first time.

First Class Customer Service

All our customer service staff are experienced graphic designers or colour press operators. Any colour brochure or flyer question you have will be answered on your first call. Our customer service is free, feel free to call and have your questions answered.

Placing an order is easy. Just call one of our
Customer Service Reps at 1-800-860-0885

1. Start by speaking with an experienced customer service representative. We'll make sure we're using the right paper and ink for your application. We'll also setup a proper turnaround time for your brochure. Yes, we can even turn your order around in 24 hours.

2.A PDF proof or Hard Copy proof will be sent to you. We'll be able to advise you on the colour and clarity of the images and graphics throughout the brochure.

3. Throughout the production process your customer representative will be on hand to answer an further questions while the brochures are completed.

Customer Service Team:
Amanda - Graphic Designer
Michael - Press Operator/Production Expert
Tony - Graphic Designer/Production Expert

We accept Jpeg, Tiff, Publisher and Indesign files but recommend a print quality PDF file. PDF's are locked files and typically don't allow changes to happen from your computer to ours resulting in a safer way to transfer the file.

Do you need a folding template showing were the folds on the brochure will be? Email us at info@thestandardpress.com what type of brochure you are creating and we'll email you a file indicating were the folds, paper boundaries and safe zones are located.


All colour brochure orders receive a PDF proof. We also offer a colour accurate hard copy proof.

We have the ability to alter the colours or positioning of the content within your files.
Instant Price Calculator
Brochure Specifications
8.5 x 11   |   Full Colour Printed on Both Sides
3 Panel Fold   |   80lb Glossy Paper  |  PDF proof


Price: ${price1}.00*
*artwork not included

How to proceed with your Colour Brochure order? Call 1-800-860-0885

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