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Direct Mail


Whether you're using direct mail for advertising or transactional purposes we have solutions to meet your needs.

When using the Standard Press you're guaranteed that your direct mail job will arrive at Canada Post without hang-ups or delays. Our designers, press operators, and mailing technicians are familiar with the rules and regulations laid out by Canada Post.

One vendor Design, Print and Direct Mail

We simplify the logistics of your project by handling the design, print and direct mail. By not having to transfer information between your design firm, print provider and mail house you'll save time, money and most importantly, remove the risk of costly errors.

Why use Direct Mail over Mass Mail

Mass mail like Unaddressed Admail or Ad Bag flyers doesn't deliver the same ROI as Direct Mail. Direct Mail allows complete customization towards each person in your mail list. Direct Mail also allows you to track the response from each prospect in your mailing list allowing your to further target your prospects.

Solutions for Direct Mail

Data Logging Realtor Solutions
Variable QR Codes Intelligent Inserting
Personal Type Creator Inventory Management
Mailing Lists Variable Printing
Web Based Data Management  

Mailing Lists

Don't have a mailing list? We have the names and contact information for every household and business in Canada.

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Realtor Solutions

real estate logos

We have available templates, graphic design service, inventory options and direct mail solutions geared towards realtors.

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