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Above Left: Tony Bonner; Founder of the Standard Press
Above Right: First location established in the 1940s in Beausejour

The Standard Press is a thriving printing company located in Manitoba, Canada. They've grown from a small simple printing firm to a diverse company offering graphic design service, digital and offset printing, online ordering systems and direct mail solutions.
Rich History, Solid Foundation
Origenal Building

The Standard Press was founded in 1936 in Beausejour, MB by Tony Bonner when he traded a small amount of money for a business card printing press (shown below). The printing company served the eastern region of Manitoba with basic printing needs like business cards, envelopes, carbon forms and wedding invitations.

As the business grew, he needed more room and thus started the various locations the little print shop was housed in. In 1963, with the help of Eugene Derksen (Derksen Printers Ltd.), he built a shop on 3rd Street, Beausejour. The new location on 3rd Street provided 1000 square feet of office and production space and made room for additional products to be offered. One of the many products was bank cheques which consists of a complicated process of applying magnetic ink to security paper. The Standard Press was the first in eastern Manitoba to print bank cheques where they supplied the local businesses and financial institutions with their secure cheque printing needs.
To this day The Standard Press still excels in printing custom bank cheques. They own powerful bank scanning equipment to ensure every cheque is printed perfectly to meet specific bank standards.
Business Card Printing Press
Above: The first printing press used by The Standard Press in the late 1930s. On display at the Winnipeg shop.
Third Street Beausejour
Tony Bonner and Woldemar
Above: Print shop located on 84 third street, Beausejour
Right: Tony Bonner and Woldemar pictured in 1984.

After running successfully for 52 years the company was sold to Woldemar Kasdorf in 1984. Woldemar brought a wealth of knowledge to the firm having worked in various rolls in other newspaper and printing companies.

Due to desperate need of more space in 1997 the company moved locations within Beausejour and built a new building at 636 Park Avenue which it still occupies. The space consists of 4200 square feet of retail stationery supply, office and production space. Along with the new building additional products were added to the company, one of which was the deskin. The deskin was an ultra thin mousepad that clung to the desk and allowed advertising to be printed on the face of the pad. The patented product was manufactured and printed in Beauseojour and sold around the world including Australia, Various Caribbean islands, Holland and Spain. Customers included M&M's (Mars Candy Co.), NHL, Ford Motor Company, MTS and many more well known companies.

For the past decade the focus at the Standard Press has been to increase efficiency and incorporate the latest technology into the printing company. This has been done by installing an array of modern equipment including the installation of three new Heidelberg printing presses, new computerized Heidelberg guillotine and paper folder and a lineup of direct mail equipment.

In 2007 The Standard Press acquired Gutenberg Press and a few yeas later Norlyn Printing both located in Winnipeg. The acquisitions were the beginning of the transition to increase its Winnipeg presence. Four years later (2011) The Standard Press moved its Winnipeg location into a larger and more central area on Higgins Avenue. The new location on Higgins is now the main office and houses the design department, printing presses and direct mail equipment.

Above: Woldemar and partner Maurice showcasing the deskin in the Winnipeg Free Press, 1999
636 Park Avenue Beausejour68 Higgins Avenue Winnipeg
Above: Location in Beausejour. Built in 1997 and still occupied by The Standard Press.
Beausejour Location
636 Park Avenue | Box 549
Beausejour, Manitoba R0E 0C0
Phone: 204.268.1981
Winnipeg Location
68 Higgins Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0A5
Phone: 204.943.2712
Above: Winnipeg Location, acquired in 2010. Consists of 15,000 sq ft of production, warehouse and office space.
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The Standard Press, Winnipeg and Beausejour, Manitoba